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Joanna Tofilo

Joanna Tofilo was born in Bialystok, in Poland. She graduated with a degree in Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk in 1996.
After her studies she worked as the chief designer at the well-known, legendary Polish jewelry company Polsrebro and after that as a TV set designer. Since 1999 she has been based in Warsaw and worked as a set designer for events, festivals, and public spaces. Since 2009 Joanna has worked as a designer, jeweler, and goldsmith in Berlin. Jewelry has always accompanied her, as she grew up in a family of goldsmiths. In her work, she combines minimalist and elegant forms inspired by nature and the places. In the collection "Essence of Nature," Joanna works with the found botanical and floral native objects of nature, which she transforms into fine replicas in silver. Leaving her family home, she took seeds from her beloved tree and cast them in silver. That gesture gave rise to the idea that it is possible to alchemically preserve the presence of the soul of plants in their forms with emotions and memories of places.

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