Wax-Carving, Sand Casting —


What if... Just make it. This course will be about wax carving, sand casting and fusing metal. The goal will be to make a ring band or a pendant. Francesca will guide you through the whole process of making, hence, no previous experience in jewellery making is needed.

Details about the process

We will start by using wax, to create the template of what will be the final Jewellery piece. We will learn how to cut and carve wax to make a ring or a pendant of the chosen size.  

Once the template is done, we will create the mold for your jewellery piece, by using delft sand. After that, we will prepare our metal alloy and get ready to melt it. Once our metal is ready, we will pour it into the mold we've created. At this point we've made our jewellery piece, but it still needs to be cleaned and finished!  That means that we still have to file and sand until the desired finish.

Once decided your favourite finish, Francesca will finish the ring for you and make it ready for you to pick up at What If studio. Date and time for pick up will be decided with Francesca during the course.


The course will last 4 hours.


The course will take place at What If Jewellery Studio-Gallery


220€ per person, tools and metal included if you choose silver. If you prefer to use gold, the price will change based on the weight of the jewellery piece.

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